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AC Repair Service

Quality West offers comprehensive Air Conditioning repair and maintenance service on many brands of residential Air Conditioning systems.

Quality West offers comprehensive Air Conditioning repair and maintenance service on many brands of residential Air Conditioning systems.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic
  • Written Repair Estimate
  • Affordable Repairs
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges
  • NATE Certified Technicians

With over 17 years of experience repairing Air Conditioning systems just like yours, Quality West will quickly identify the problem and make the necessary repairs at an affordable price, backed by our 100% Repair Guarantee.

The best way to safeguard and lengthen the life of all heating and cooling systems is to make sure it is serviced regularly. Our annual preventative maintenance program will help to keep your system in peak condition, lower your home energy costs, and help avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

What to Expect from a Diagnostic Service

When a technician is dispatched to your home, your entire system will be thoroughly checked and tested.  The diagnostic fee is only $99.00 and covers the cost of sending a highly trained technician to your door, with a fully stocked vehicle, ready and able to assist you no matter what the cause of the problem.

When our technician has located the source of the problem, he will explain the situation thoroughly, and inform you of the most economical options available to correct the issue.  Our UpFront Pricing Guide covers all minor and major repairs.  Regardless of the difficulty of the repair, you will know the exact cost to you before the work is done; no hidden costs or surprises after the repair!

Repair VS Replace

Sometimes spending money can end up saving you money. In the case of furnaces and air conditioners this is often the case; spending money can really end up saving you money in a short period of time. But be aware an inefficient furnace does not always need to be replaced as there are some repairs and/or changes that can be made first that could potentially help. For example, changing your furnace filters can help your system run more efficiently as well as making sure that your humidifier is set to the proper level. Often, simple repairs such as replacing the pilot light with an electronic ignition or sealing the joints in your ductwork can end up doing the trick thus saving you money and extending the life of your HVAC system.

If you suspect that you need a new heating or cooling system, schedule a free estimate with us today. Remember, an AC system should last for about 12-15 years if properly installed and maintained. Unless your equipment has been improperly installed, neglected, damaged, or has faulty wiring, you can expect to have many good years of usage. So how will you know when it’s really time to replace the furnace or AC system? Click the button below:

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